Ian Redshaw

Executive Chef

With infinite passion and extreme talent, Chef Redshaw has created a menu focused on local products and bringing light to the terroir of the food. At a young age, he began to develop a palette and appreciation for beautiful food; he has spent 15 years honing his skills in the kitchen and in meat fabrication. The dry-aging and curing program at Prime 109 is one of many that Chef has developed and continues to dedicate much of his time.

Shelly Robb

General Manager

With 16 years experience in the industry, Shelly is well-versed in managing and operating privately-owned restaurants. Her experience is highlighted in her organization and system management, as well as her ability to manage a large staff whom are extremely loyal to her; as the general manager she ensures a positive experience for all staff and guests alike.

Bill Scatena

Chef de Cuisine

Born in Oakland, California, Bill has over 14 years of self-taught experience in kitchens. From a youthful education in California cuisine to his appreciation for Virginia’s food heritage, he strives to honor the process of making well balanced dishes while sourcing ingredients from farms close to home. He’s worked for well regarded Virginia chef’s such as Craig Hartman, Dean Maupin and his talented sister, Amalia Scatena. His most recent positions include 4 years at Keswick Hall’s award winning Fossett’s, followed by a successful tenure as Executive Chef of Pippin Hill Farm. Eagerly awaiting the newest chapter of his career, Bill plans to showcase his technique as well as a focus on Virginia beef as Chef de Cuisine of Prime 109.

Andrew Cole

Beverage Director

Prime 109’s harmonious and esoteric wine list is a direct reflection of wine director Andrew Cole’s extensive and playful palette. He has a diverse background in the beverage wheelhouse, including his various roles at Tavola and Lampo restaurants. His dedication to reading, tasting, and continued wine knowledge will continue to be on display through the restaurants notorious beverage program.

Mitchell Beerens


His creative flare and personality shine through in pastry chef, Mitchell Beerens desserts. He has opened and managed successful start-ups for many of Charlottesville’s most well-known restaurants including Bizou, MAS, Tavola, and Lampo. Mitchell’s experience in administrative roles and positive demeanor has been an intrical part of Prime 109’s success.

Allie Redshaw


Allie's passion for food began early and she's been in the industry since her first job. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Allie’s attention turned toward wine and finding its perfect pairing. As the wine steward for Francesco Buitoni, she prepared the wine lists for Mercado’s premier at the James Beard House, and became a certified Sommelier in 2018. Allie has served as Executive Chef at Timber Creek Market. She’s excited to continue to share her deep love of food and wine with Prime 109 patrons and the Charlottesville community.

Abraham Hawkins

Bar Manager

Abraham Hawkins witnessed the birth of the modern cocktail revolution working in the Big Apple alongside the men and women that wrote the book on what integrity and quality look like in the modern cocktail bar. He has clocked time behind the stick at bars such as Little Branch, Silver Lining, Weatherup, and opened and ran Dutch Kills Bar. He counts among his mentors Sasha Petraske, Michael Madrusan, Richard Boccato, Karin Stanley, and a host of others who deserve credit and gratitude, and whose legacy of excellence he humbly hopes to carry on in the stunningly beautiful space that is Prime 109.

Loren Mendosa


Through years of dedication to building rapport with local farmers and producers, Loren easily spear-heads the supply management and product acquisition for the Pantheon restaurant group, including Prime’s sister restaurant Lampo Pizzeria. He holds 17 years of experience in managing privately-owned restaurants in the Charlottesville area and continues to pursue his passion and dedication to the industry.

Jacob Boggs

Assistant General Manager

I am Charlottesville native and I have been working in the hospitality industry here for nine years. I love having the opportunity to use dining experiences to bring people together. A good meal with good people can be equally nourishing for the body and the soul and that is what I am all about. It is a privilege to be part of a team of people at Prime 109 who are focused on bringing the culinary world back to its roots and investing in the community.