Seven Hills Food

Seven Hills Food is a multifaceted team of passionate individuals committed to fostering a sustainable regional food economy here in Virginia. We have begun with an abattoir and a meat company. These projects will make food from Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic more readily available in our region and beyond. By developing a network of producers, processors and distributors, Seven Hills Food will facilitate the growth of our area's rich food ecosystem.

Highland Orchard Farm

Our soil is our lifeblood. Our herd are all treated with respect and we manage them with rotational grazing to improve our soil and pastures. Diverse, healthy pastures produce happy vibrant animals. In our experience, content animals, given adequate time to mature in a low stress, healthful environment, yield the most delicious quality meats. Average age at harvest is currently about 3 ½ years, or about twice the age of a grain finished animal. Allowing the animal to fatten on its natural forage yields healthier animals and subsequently healthier meats. Herd Details

Sherwood Farm

At Sherwood, We Farm In Harmony With Nature. Located In The Rolling Foothills Of Albemarle County, Sherwood Farm Boasts Ideal Conditions For Raising Cattle. Our moderate climate provides ample natural grazing for much of the year as well as plentiful hay and corn silage grown on the farm for Winter nourishment. Happier cows make better meat. We have devoted a decade to developing a herd that produces superior beef animals: structurally sound bodies with a larger rib area and extensive marbling. Our animals spend their days grazing lush pastures and drinking fresh well water. Beef aficionados appreciate the tenderness and enhanced flavor profile of our beef, which is dry aged for at least 28 days.